About us

Who We Are?

M/s. Medicore Generics., promoted by a team of professionals having 30 years rich experience in the API industry and clear vision and is conscious about long term sustainable value-added growth. M/s. Medicore Generics has proposed to establish an up a medium scale Bulk Drugs and Intermediates manufacturing facility in a 12000 SMT site in Amaravati MIDC. Company is established in year 2021.


Medicore Generics plant facility is spread over in 2.1 Acre plot situated at Additional Nandgoan Peth MIDC Near Saverdi, Amravati. Plant will be as per current GMP guidelines consists.

Manufacturing capabilities

  • 1 We have two production blocks with reaction capabilities of 128 kl
  • 2We will be having 10 SSRs and 8 GLRs which are capable of handling wide range of reactions including high pressure reactions and high vaccum distillation

We have the expertise and resources
to carry out the following kinds of reactions

  • 1Nitration
  • 4Friedal-Crafts Reaction
  • 7High Pressure Oxidation
  • 10Oragno phopsorous Chemistry
  • 13Asymmetric Synthesis
  • 2Bromination
  • 5Aldol Condensation
  • 8Catalytic Hydrogenations
  • 11High Vaccum Distillations
  • 3Schiemann Reaction
  • 6High Temparture Oxidation
  • 9Mannich Reaction
  • 12Corrosive Chemistry