Medicore Generics is upcoming API and Intermediate manufacturing company wish to create long term relationships by undertaking custom manufacturing of Intermediates and APIs. We can take up conventional synthesis as well as complex Chiral Chemistry.


APIs under planning

Sr. No. Product Therapeutic Category
1 Olmesartan Antihypertensive
2 Telmisartan Antihypertensive
3 Tenofovir Disoproxil HIV
4 Vildagliptin Type 2 diabetes
5 Favipiravir COVID
6 Umifenovir COVID
7 Remdesivir COVID
8 Fexofenadine Anti histamine
9 Azithromycin Antibacterial
10 Clarithromycin Antibacterial
11 Amlodipine Antihypertensive
12 Atorvastatin Calcium Statins;Lipid regulators
13 Lacosamide Analgesics; Anti-Epileptics
14 Rosuvastatin Calcium Statins;Lipid regulators
15 Sitagliptin Anti-Dibetic
Intermediates under Development

Sr. No. Intermediate Name CAS no Used in API
1 2-( Cyclohex-1-en-1-yl)Ethanamine 3399-73-3 Dextromethorphan
2 (4-MethoxyPhenyl) Acetic acid 104-01-8 Dextromethorphan
3 3-AminoPyrazolo-4-carboxamide hemisulphate 27511-79-1 Allopurinol
4 6-Chloro-2-Hexanone 10226-30-9 Pentoxyfylline
5 4-Nitrophenethylamine hydrochloride 29968-78-3 Mirabegron
6 2-Aminothiazol-4-acetic acid 29676-71-9 Mirabegron
7 2-Chloro-6,7-dimethoxyquinazolin-4-amine 23680-84-4 Doxazosin , Alfuzosin
8 1-[(2,3-dihydro-1,4-Benzodioxan-2-yl)carbonyl]-piperazine 70918-00-2 Doxazosin , Alfuzosin
9 2-(2,7-Dichloro-9H-fluoren-4-YL)oxirane 53221-14-0 Lumefantrine
10 4-aminomethyl benzoic acid 56-91-7 Tranexamic Acid
11 4-(4-Aminophenyl)morpholin-3-one 438056-69-0 Rivoraxoban
12 4-(4-Chloro-1-oxobutyl)-α,α-dimethylbenzeneacetic Acid Methyl Ester 154477-54-0 Fexofenadine
13 cAzacyclonol (diphenylmethanolpiperidine) 115-46-8 Fexofenadine
14 2,4-Dichloro Benzoic Acid 50-84-0 Furosemide

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CDMO Services

Medicore aims to be reliable partner for contract development and manufacturing services (CDMO) by leveraging its expertise in the field of process chemistry and commercial API manufacturing. With world class manufacturing facilities approved by a host of regulatory agencies and the capability to handle complex reactions from lab scale all the way to plant scale, Medicore can offer best-in-class solutions for your outsourcing needs.